Waiting to hear it, improvised concert 12.5.2018, Helsinki, Musiikkitalo

The title of the concert, Waiting to Hear It, refers to an improviser’s wish to learn how to be truthful and honest to yourself in the moment, how not know what is coming next, how to search and find and how to (patiently) wait until you hear it – before you sing.

In the final project of her Master’s degree in Global Music, Finnish rhythmic choir conducting pioneer Merzi Rajala explores the possibilities of different improvisation methods in collective artistic work with choirs and vocal ensembles. The objective is to discover new pedagogical and artistic tools for working with groups with different backgrounds. This final concert will be the audible result of her research.

Waiting to Hear It showcases the methods Merzi has studied in her project and created during the research process. The audience can enjoy live improvised music and a couple of ready-made vocal compositions collectively created by the groups during the research process.

In the concert, Merzi will share the stage with the research collective she has put together for this project with singers with different aesthetic musical backgrounds and as well as two of her own choirs: Sibelius Academy Global Choir and Open Voice female choir.

Global Choir, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki
Open Voice female choir, Finland

Aito, vocal connection:
Venla Blom, Kasheshi Makena, Vili Mustalampi, Arja Paju, Tero Pajunen, Merzi Rajala, Emma Salokoski

Waiting to hear it