AITO, an innovative vocal improvisation collective based in Finland,

formed by professional musicians, who are bringing their long experience and unique skills to this project in order to create something truly fresh for the music scene worldwide.

The deep love and passion we share for vocal improvisation and for each other have driven us to this point and now we are ready to spread the joy for the rest of the world. We strongly believe, that what makes improvisation interesting and meaningful, is the profound honesty that people can experience and express on stage. Being scared, fragile or vulnerable – these are all just impulses that can turn into something beautiful in a heart beat, if only we give them a chance to shine.

AITO Collective:
Merzi Rajala, Venla Blom, Kasheshi Makena, Vili Mustalampi, Arja Paju, Tero Pajunen, Emma Salokoski