Global Choir sharing the common passion / Sibelius Academy

Global Choir sharing the common passion

05.12.2016 | 

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This Autumn the Sibelius Academy has wittnessed the birth of a new multicultural and multinational choir Global Choir. It currently has 25 singers representing roughly 7 to 8 nationalities and its repertoire has its roots in different singing techniques, melodies and rhythmic traditions around the world. The Global Choir project is led by experienced musiucian and choir leader Merja ”Merzi” Rajala. 

Rajala has been conducting rhytm music choirs for twenty or so years. She is also a member of the Sibelius Academy Choir committee, which aims to plan, establish and carry choir activities that are the most beneficial and suitable for students.

– My wish and my goal would be to promote the rhythm music conducting education in Finland and I see that the Sibelius Academy has all the possibilities to be even a pioneer in this field, Rajala says.

Global Choir will perform to the audience for the first time on December 8th at the Helsinki Music Centre as a part of the first ever  Global Fest event.

– There were actually more students willing to participate in the choir tan we could take in – and this is of course wonderful for a conductor. It also indicates that we have had the demand for this kind of projects, Rajala says.

On this video, Rajala tells some more about the Global Choir and its premiere in December 2016. English subtitles available on the lower right corner of the screen.