Sheet music

Along the years I have written lots of arrangements and compositions for
choirs (mixed, female) and vocal groups.
You can buy a ready made work or also make an order.

HOW to get it?
ask directly from me and / or Sulasol and or/ Naiskuoroliitto and/or STM.
Send a material request with the form found on this page. From me you will get:
– pdf-partiture + mididemo for practising
– the right to print a set amount of copies

Choirs, Vocal Groups, teachers, artists with backgroun singers, theatre…

Jari Sillanpää & AiA
Jari Sillanpää & AiA

Ready made arrangemenet prizes
the amount of singers = the amount of copies:
10 -20 singers, 3.00 € / print, (min. 10)
21-30 singers, 2.70 €/ print
more than 30 singers , 2.50 € / print
– note the trade tax will added alv. 24%

Tailor-made arrangements

Prize 400€ – 600€ + alv / arrangement

Do you need a arrangement nobody else sings and what fits your group?
Do you have trouble finding repertoire for your group?
Do you wish to sing a certain song but cant´find it?

I can arrange for your group and it´s strenghts the song you wish in a way we both feel good about.
From me you will get:
– pdf partiture + midi file, for rehearsing
– insrtuctions and advise if needed concidering the arrangement (via mail)


Listen to examples:

Niin kaunis on maa, Suojatie-projekti 2015, (säv san.K. Rydman, sov. M. Rajala)
performers: Jenni Vartiainen, Anna Puu, Paula Vesala, Elastinen, Robin, Samu Haber.


I Wish, (SSSAAA)
Vocal group Soul Irma. säv. S. Wonder, sov. M. Rajala


Lapin kesä (SSATB), Leino sarja.                                                                                                                                            Partita-choir, Säv Wesslin-Hietanen, san. E. Leino, sov M. Rajala


Sydämeeni Joulun Teen, (SSSAAA)
Vocal Group AiA. säv. K. Halonen, san V. Salmi, sov M. Rajala


Or watch the joulukirkkoon video (SSSAA, esittää Lauluyhtye AiA) in this link:

Joulukirkkoon, A Capella, SSSAA, Lauluyhtye AiA



Prize 650€ + alv ->
Choral music, Theatre music, music for events or advertising

You can order a song for the text you provide, tailor made for your group.
You also get:
– pdf partiture
– midi file for practising
– insrtuctions and advise if needed concidering the composition (via mail).

Examples of compositions

Kuin Kattoja Sateen Ropina,(SSSAAA)
Vocal group AiA. comp. M. Rajala; lyrics A. Aittomäki


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