Finnish ”rhythmic” choir conducting pioneer, singer,
composer and pedagogue
specialises in popular music, including world music genres and fusions,
and choral improvisation.
In addition to her own choral work Merzi is the responsible lecturer for
Global Choir Leadership / Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.
She loves games, playfulness and she believes in choral music
perfomed with honesty, groove and true energy.
Kuva Henrik Kettunen / Cartina
photo Henrik Kettunen / Cartina



”I wish to be a musician, in a holistic way”
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Kordirigent kurs I Stördahl, Norway  11-13.1.2019
Choir conductor training, Tel Aviv, Israel, 8-9.2.2019
Aito Collective concert + workshops, IF Nijmegen, Netherland, 8.-10.3.2019
Peppi Pitkätossu, Oulun Theatre, premier 16.3.2019
Finnish Invation, choir conductor course, Netherland, 23.-24.3.2019
Kuorotellen, jury, Finland, 30.3.2019
Aarhus Vocal Fetsival, RAMA Voices, Denmark 30.5- 2.6.2019
Workshops of rhythm and groove, Tampereen Sävel 8.6.2019


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